根据地球轨道追踪网站CelesTrak的分析员凯尔索(TS Kelso)的说法:“这不只是一个火箭残骸……因地球轨道上有许多不受控的火箭残骸”有关问题的严重性,可以通过CelesTrak上公开的数据了解。“在地球轨道上有2033个火箭残骸……这只是公开航天轨道上的数据,因为可能还有一些机密没有公布的。当然,这些残骸都不受控制。在2033个残骸中,546个属于美国,只有169个属于中国。” (待续)

《西方媒体反华推手》(上篇)(Western Media Dogs Of War)原文:

Undoubtedly one of the most important players in fanning fear of the rise of China and anti-Chinese sentiment is the western English language media. Using its decades old dominance of global news outlets, mainstream Western media has set and monopolized the agenda and news coverage for audiences not only in their own countries but also around the world, especially where English is the lingua franca. 

The western media role in protecting the political and economic interests of the United States, Britain, Australia and its other allies is of course nothing new. It is a long established fact especially visible in the cold war period. At that time we had demonization of the principal enemy, the Soviet Union and other communist countries, conducted on a daily basis in the print media and over radio, film and television. 

There were three dimensions of this media manipulation. The first was to smear the enemy and create mass fear and paranoia. The second was to push back and put down any domestic or international sympathy or goodwill towards the targeted enemy. The third was to propagate the image of virtuous Western democratic systems fighting to preserve values of freedom and rights against authoritarian and oppressive regimes. 

Today the same cultural imperialism of the west through its mass media is directed at China. These media dogs of war include not only the right wing newspapers belonging to Rupert Murdoch. A similar line of attack is pursued by so-called more independent or politically neutral media outlets such as CNN, the Guardian, Washington Post and the New York Times. 

Though somewhat more sophisticated in bashing China in today’s news coverage compared with during the cold war era, the latest bout of propagandistic or slanted news and analysis, in addition to its pro-West political stance, comes with a strong racist agenda. Playing up to sentiments aimed at polarizing and reinforcing cultural and racial differences and animosity against a non-white enemy was one of the most outstanding characteristics of Trump’s regime. This approach, now embraced by much of the mainstream American, British and other western media, accounts for the current wave of anti-Chinese and anti-Asian sentiment and random violence in the west.  

Two recent examples of news reporting serve to remind us of the real political and socio-economic intentions of the western media in their China coverage.

Western Media Coverage of Long March B5 Fallout

The first is the way in which coverage of the debris associated with China’s Long March B5 rocket was sensationalized to alarm the world as an example of China’s irresponsibility and ‘failure’ to adhere to international standards.

NASA Administrator Sen. Bill Nelson released the following statement regarding debris from the Chinese Long March 5B rocket: “Spacefaring nations must minimize the risks to people and property on Earth of re-entries of space objects and maximize transparency regarding those operations. It is clear that China is failing to meet responsible standards regarding their space debris.”

Nelson and his own organization and others in the US need a reminder to look into the mirror before accusing other nations of failure to adhere to “responsible standards” – whether this is in firing rockets or waging wars. 

According to T. S. Kelso, member of CelesTrak, an analytical group that keeps an eye on Earth-orbiting objects: “It really isn’t about this one rocket body … because every rocket body in Earth orbit is uncontrolled,” The true magnitude of the problem can be identified by a quick check on CelesTrak. “It shows there are 2,033 rocket bodies in Earth orbit … at least those that we have orbital data for, as there may be more classified ones. Of course, every one of them is uncontrolled. Of the 2,033, 546 belong to the U.S. and only 169 belong to China.”